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PROVISO |  Six students from Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy recently won
honors for their art work at the annual Triton College High School Artists Competition.
The exhibit at the Triton College campus included more than 200 examples of
drawings, photography, sculpture, and other media by students from high schools in
the Triton College area.
Kathleen Maltese, an art teacher at PMSA who sponsored the students’ work, said that
she was impressed with the art work from which she was able to choose.  "I selected
the artworks on the basis of craftsmanship in execution and uniqueness of the image,"
she said. "I felt that all the work I brought to the show was exceptionally well made and
showed originality and adventurousness in their exploration of the media."
The following students won ribbons for their work during the competition, which took
place from January 17 to February 12:  Blue Ribbon: Heather Anderson and Mike
Ramones, both in drawing.  Yellow Ribbon: Kelechi Agwuncha (sculpture), Christian
Ruiz (printmaking), Esperanza Duarte (printmaking and painting), and Edward
Rodriguez (painting).
Dr. Bessie Karvelas, principal at PMSA, said that the performance of the students is the
latest example of the talent at PMSA.  "We are proud of the ribbon-winning students and
of the work they have done," she said. "Even though this is a mathematics and science
academy, we have talent in many areas of academia, art being among them."
PMSA students place at
Triton art show