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Maywood deputy chief arrested
after denied sexual advances by an
18-year old male

Dec 20, 2010

A 14-year veteran of the Maywood Police department is
charged with filing a false police report and obstruction of
justice for having a former friend arrested on false charges
following a dispute between them.
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friend at a hotel to solicit prostitutes went a wry in the early
morning hours.  

About 3:00 a.m. the victim decided to go home after the
prostitutes did not show up and Black offered to drive him
home, Assistant Stat’es Attorney Nick Trutenko said in court.  

On the drive back, Black “repeatedly touched the victim on his
thigh and was rebuffed each time by the teen who began
punching Black and tried to pull the keys out of the ignition in
an attempt to escape the car, Trutenko said.

Black pulled over to the side of the road and, as the teen tried
to flee the vehicle, the deputy chief struck him in the head with
his gun, Trutenko said. The teen ran and hid in a gangway,
where he called 911. Meanwhile, Black ran to the gangway
and stashed his weapon in a barbecue grill, where it was
discovered by police, before he too called 911.

Black recants allegations

When Chicago police officers responded, both Black and the
victim were taken into custody. At the station, the deputy chief
initially told investigators that he stopped the vehicle when he
heard a shout and the teen, who he did not know, tried to “car
jack” him. Later, Black recanted his testimony and allegedly
admitted he knew the teen and that, during a fight in the car,
the teen stole his handgun and fled.

Trutenko said the teen consistently told police that Black, who
is rumored to be gay by locals, made inappropriate advances
toward him, prompting the fight.

"The defendant is someone who clearly knew not only better,
but also knows the (criminal justice) system," Trutenko said,
arguing for a significant bail.  "Using that knowledge, he
caused an innocent youth to be arrested and detained for
over 10 hours."

Prosecutors say that Black often drove the 18-year old victim
around in his personal vehicle over the past six months, while
smoking marijuana and drinking on joy rides.

The judge ordered Black, held on $75,000 bail, which Black
posted, on charges of obstruction of justice and felony
disorderly conduct. Desierto ordered that Black surrender all
firearms and ammunition, along with his passport.  

Black’s rank at the Maywood Police Department is under
evaluation, said a source at the department.

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Brian Black began his career as a full
time police officer with the Maywood
Police Department in 1997, and after
serving in a number of positions, was
appointed Deputy Chief of Police in
June 2007.

Black holds a Master of Public
Administration degree, and a Bachelor
of Business Administration Degree with
a concentration in Law Enforcement

He is a graduate of the prestigious
Northwestern University’s School of
Police Staff and Command in Evanston,

Deputy Chief Black, a life-long Maywood
resident, is an Adjunct Instructor at
Triton College in River Grove, Illinois in
the Criminal Justice Department.
Deputy Chief Black currently serves on
the Executive Board for Des Plaines
Valley Council (Exploring) as Vice
President of Programs. Deputy Chief
Black is a member of the West
Suburban Chief’s of Police Association,
National Organization of Black Law
Enforcement Officers, American Society
of Public Administration and National
Forum for Black Public Administrators.

Black attend Living Word Cristian
Center in Forest Park.