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PROVISO |  Nearly 500 parents participated in the annual Bring Your Parents to School
Day at District 209 Proviso Township High Schools.  Parents who attended the day
were able to gain insights into a typical day for their students at school. They followed
along their students’ class schedules, joining everything from math and English
classes to lunch.

"Bring Your Parents to School Day" has been a tradition in District 209 since 2002,
when it was first introduced by then-Board of Education President, Mrs. Theresa L.
Kelly. The event is one of District 209’s largest parent involvement initiatives of the year.
This event is part of the Board of Education’s ongoing efforts to promote more outreach
to the parents and the community.

Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart, superintendent of District 209, said that the day-long event was
quite a success.  "Parents who attended Bring Your Parents to School Day received an
education in terms of what their students are experiencing on a daily basis in our
schools," she said. "Parent involvement is key to student’s education, and we are
hopeful that more parents will be able to be involved in their students’ school in any way
possible. The day also provided us with constructive feedback from our parents."

The day at Proviso Math and Science Academy (PMSA) began in the auditorium with
performances by the school’s drum line and choir.  Comments were presented by
school officials Dr. Bessie Karvelas, principal; Mr. William Breisch, assistant principal
for teaching and learning; and Ms. Amy Binn-Calvey, president of the PMSA PTO. Dr.
Karvelas called the day "a celebration" of the school.

Peggy Raddatz went with her daughter, Ava, to her classes, including her first-period
journalism class. She said that the day was bittersweet for her.  "It’s our last time," said
Ms. Raddatz, who was among the 238 parents who attended the day at PMSA. "I love
coming here. I can’t imagine why any parent wouldn’t want to come. All I feel is pride for
our school."

At Proviso West, 141 parents participated in their students’ class activities, according to
a school press release. One such activity for some parents was helping their student
measure velocity in Dr. Bozena Suwary’s physics honors class. Using tachometers, the
students and parents calculated how fast they could walk a short distance.

Countess Grant, whose son, Eric, is a junior in the class, said that she was impressed
with the level of instruction that she saw.  "The honors classes are kind of tough," she
said. "It was interesting because they have to use the motion detector and see how it

About 100 parents attended Bring Your Parents to School Day at Proviso East. Among
them was Ms. Anna Hampton, whose daughter, Moriah, is a junior. She was able to be
with Moriah as she took her physical education class. "Everything’s great," Ms.
Hampton said of the day. "We went to gym and saw her work out. It’s a nice program
because it keeps the teenagers in good health."
Day, win-win for parents,
students and teachers