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Baker, Scott plead not guilty
A Maywood mother and her boyfriend plead not guilty in the beating and torture
death of her 1-year-old son.

By L. Nicole Trottie

MAYWOOD |  A Maywood woman and her boyfriend pleaded not guilty Thursday
morning to charges that they beat and killed her 1-year-old son before disposing the
child’s body in the Des Plaines River.

Lakeshia Baker, 22, and Michael Scott, 21, showed no emotion during a five-minute
hearing before Cook County Judge Paula Daleo at the Cook County courthouse in
Maywood.   Daleo accepted the pleas and scheduled the next hearing for June 18.

Family members sitting in the back row in the courtroom became teary-eyed during
the hearing.

The WSJ reported that Baker and Scott are accused of beating Bryeon Hunter with a
belt and plastic hangers in April before leaving him to die on the bathroom floor of
their Maywood apartment, according to prosecutors.

The couple initially made up a story that the child had been kidnapped, but police
later determined that the kidnapping did not occur. The couple later allegedly
confessed to disposing of the body in the river.

Robert Larson, of Westchester, spent weeks searching the river, found what is likely
to be the child on May 14. Robert Larson, 47, was paddling his kayak just north of
31st Street near the Brookfield Zoo in North Riverside when his cadaver dog detected
the scent of human remains and led Larson to the body of a baby face up. Larson
operates a K-9 training center in Westchester.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office has not yet identified the child.   DNA
testing will be done to identify the body of the baby remains found, officials said

Authorities expressed confidence that the body is that of Bryeon Hunter.  Positive
identification, however, can only be made by the Cook County Medical Examiner.

That office performed an autopsy on Wednesday but a cause of death was still
unknown as of Thursday afternoon. Staff provided tissue samples to the Maywood
Police Department to conduct the DNA testing.

Though a positive ID still needs to be made, Hunter's grandmother, Brenda Lloyd,
viewed the recover as a chance to say goodbye.

Baker is being held without bail. Scott’s bail is $750,000.
LaKesha Baker and Michael Scott charged
with first degree murder in the beating and
death of Baker's 1-year-old son
Bryeon Hunter.