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complaint is filed  with state’s attorney


MAYWOOD |  The Cook County sheriff's office has concluded what the West Suburban
Journal has reported for several years now –  official misconduct by a Maywood village
The Sheriff’s office has alleged that Audrey Jaycox spent thousands of dollars in public
money for more than 20 business trips  over four years and for donating public funds to
political fundraisers in violation of a village ordinance prohibiting elected officials from
taking more than two work-related trips per year using public money.  

Jaycox also "violated the state elections statute" earlier this year when she used $200
in village funds buy two tickets to a political event for state Sen. Kimberly Lightford,
according to the sheriff's report.
This is the first report issued by the sheriff's office in its newly adopted role as an
independent investigator for the Village of Maywood.  Sheriff Tom Dart's office was
brought in by the village in July, after he offered to serve as independent inspector
general to Maywood at no cost, to which newly elected Mayor Edwenna Perkins agreed.
The document states that Jaycox far outspent her annual discretionary fund  in two of
the four fiscal years in question, through 2010 to 2013, with the bulk of the money going
for travel to conferences in Tampa, New Orleans and Washington.  Sheriff’s officials
question how the trip benefitted taxpayers’.
Perkins said about the allegations that Jaycox knows better.  "She knows the rules,"
Perkins said. "She's been a trustee since 2005, and she was chair of the finance  
Trustee Ronald Rivers, a member of Jaycox’s political party, which includes former
mayor Henderson Yarbrough, said he believes Jaycox's trips are part of her efforts to
boost the suburb, and called the allegations politically motivated.  "If people knew how
much time she puts in," he said. "I think this is a witch hunt,” the Tribune reported
The report alleged that other officials violated village rules on the use of public funds,
and the sheriff's office said there may be other investigations.  The sheriff's office
suggested the village tighten internal checks and balances over how village funds are
spent and consider eliminating discretionary spending for trustees.
The sheriff's office forwarded the report to the Cook County state's attorney's office for
review. Jaycox, a trustee since 2005, could not be reached by West Suburban Journal
for comment.
Jaycox also presided as the Maywood Chamber Board Chairman.
trustee misused funds